Welcome To The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Operative Bank Ltd.           RBI New rules on Interest on Overdue Term Deposits.           રિઝર્વ બેંક ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા ના તા.૨/૭/૨૧ ના પરિપત્ર મુજબ,હવે બેંક માં મુકેલી ફિક્સ ડિપોઝિટ પાકતી તારીખે અચૂક રીન્યુ કરાવી લેવી.           ડિપોઝિટ ધારકે પાકતી તારીખ ની નોંધ રાખી,પાકતી તારીખે બેંક માં આવી Renew કરાવી લેવી જરૂરી છે.           FD Auto Renew ની સૂચના આપશો તો એજ મુદત માટે FD ની પાકતી તારીખે જે વ્યાજ હશે તે વ્યાજ થી Renew થઈ જશે.           RTGS/NEFT Service 24*7 .You Can Access it on The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Op Bank Mobile Application Service.           Bank is Offering new membership against 2 Term deposits each of Rs.5.00 lakhs or 1 Term Deposit of Rs. 10.00 Lakhs.           બેંક દ્વારા આપણાં સભાસદોને તેમના હાલના ૩ શેર સામે ૧ શેર રુ.૧૦૦.૦૦ લેખે આપવામાં આવે છે. આ સ્કીમની છેલ્લી તારીખ ૩૧/૦૮/૨૦૨૩ છે જેનો સર્વે સભાસદોને લાભ લેવા વિનંતી છે.          
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The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Operative Bank Ltd

About Us

Welcome to the e-version of the pleasant banking experience with The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Operative Bank Ltd. I appreciate the keen interest shown by you in our bank.
As you might aware, ours is a bank with exemplary financial soundness and unmatched proven track record in terms of various parameters - Which reflects the Cooperation

During the first half of the 90’s, due to liberalization and removal of License Raaj policy, businessmen and traders of the Gandhidham complex were busy with their expansion plans. The mercantile community of the town was putting their sincere efforts and hard earned money in business to cope up with the boom and increased demands. This was the time when they strongly felt the need of a co-operative bank that can gear up their smooth financial dealings and uplift the morale of the mercantile community by standing along with them – always.

Need is the origin of creation”. True. The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industries strongly backup the will of their members. Under the leadership of late Shri Bhomrajbhai Jagani, the chamber for this mammoth task selected total 15 promoters. After completion of all the formalities, in reward of their sincere efforts and long awaited passion, the bank was registered with District Registrar and was issued a license by Reserve Bank of India during 1994-95, under name & style of “The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Operative Bank Ltd.” Finally, the bank started the operation on auspicious day of Raam Navmi, 09.04.1995, by former chief minister of Gujarat Shri Sureshchandra Mehta being the chief guest of the opening ceremony.

The intention of sincere, long-term, clear and healthy vision of the promoters was made clear with the bank being the first co-operative bank in Gujarat, by than, fully computerized from it’s very first day of operation. The bank has not turned back since then. From “zero” in 1995, the bank has crossed commendable milestones in efficient banking and dedicated customer services. During these 26 years, the bank’s fully satisfied customer-base has crossed the 25,226 mark. The Deposits have crossed Rs.266.46 crores and Advances Rs.163.79 crores mark. Net NPA of the bank has Rs.2.65 Crores with paid up Share Capital of Rs. 10.79 crores and total Reserves above Rs. 51.12 crores, the bank is enjoying immense and exemplary solidarity and liquidity. Just to prove this, the bank’s CRAR has remained 27.77% as on 31st March 2020 – a long way ahead of 9% prescribed by RBI. Not only this, with profit of Rs. 662.15 lacks. A sizable amount, every year, is utilized in charity works of the complex. Also, the bank staff has proved it’s admirable efficiency with per employee business has been Rs. 1049.38 lacks, per employee profit Rs. 16.15 lacks during the last financial year.

The saga of success doesn’t end here. The bank is committed to provide efficient, dedicated and high-tech services to its valued clients. The banking will be an enjoyable experience with GMCB. The bank will always lead the banking of the Gandhidham complex.

We will create and maintain a professional environment that invites the ideas of our employees, fosters the confidence of our shareholders, and exceeds the expectations of our customers. To earn the loyalty of employees, customers and the community by operating with integrity and fairness at all times and we have employees who are empowered to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide our shareholders long-term growth and an attractive return on their investment in the bank

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Chairman's message

Dear Sir / Madam,
Welcome to the e-version of the pleasant banking experience with The Gandhidham Mercantile Co-Operative Bank Ltd. I appreciate the keen interest shown by you in our bank.
While going through the History of the bank, you will notice that the bank was started in April 1995. In just twenty eight (29) years of its operation, the bank has been able to have deposits of around Rs. 598.66 crores and advances over Rs. 358.03 crores. Our profit in the previous year has been Rs. 656.21 lacks. For achieving and bypassing our own milestones, we have formed various schemes for different kind of depositors and borrowers, which suits their needs at it’s best. Not only that, we also have ancillary Services to satisfy each and every need of customers.
Friends, I feel very proud in let you know that the management of The GMCB Ltd. has always taken a keen interest in providing quality services to our valued customers over the years. The Board of Directors is trying its best in keeping the bank in tune with the changing and challenging times. We always find newer and finer areas of providing state of the art services – which are rare in co-operative sector in its true sense. For example, ours was the first co-operative bank, which was fully computerized right from its inception. The management has not turned around since then. Year after year, we have been providing the best service in the region. This e-version is a newer leaf in our rich service tree.
On behalf of The Board of Directors of the bank, I reassure you of our best services and strive for excellence. We do have quality staff equipped with best infrastructures to provide excellent customer services. I am sure, with this e-version of our services; you will enjoy the new era of high-tech banking experience.

We always welcome useful suggestions.
With best wishes,
Champalal G Parakh


Financial Strength : 2022-2023 Audited

  Rs. in Lacs
Share Capital 1304.92
Reserve Fund 8743.97
Deposit 59866.51
Loans & Advances 35803.72
Investment 30641.79
Gross Profit 1543.21
Net Profit 656.21
C.D. Ratio 56.16%
Gross NPA  

Our Award

I am immensely pleased to inform that our Bank has been awarded the most prestigious award of "Excellence in Operational Efficiency" by Mumbai-based Banking Frontiers at All India Level Co-operative Banks. This award was received by us at a specially organized function held at Goa recently.
The credit for this coveted Award goes to all Shareholders and nearby 33,000 customers who have extended their unstinted co-operation to the Bank.
I am sure our Bank will bring many more laurels in the coming days also.

Champalal G. Parakh
Board of Directors & Members of Staff of GMCB Parivar

Financial Strength : 2022-2023 Audited

Share Capital



Net Profit










Ru-pay debit card is available with ATM, e-Commerce and POS. Contact to the Bank nearest Branch..

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We have sub membership for RTGS, NEFT and IMPS with RBI.It's electronic payment system to transfer funds from one to another in Accounts and Banks,

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24x7 availability Simple & user friendly operation Saves time with Net banking conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet and fast transactions using Net banking.

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Safe Deposit Vault facility is available for our valued clients. The customer has a choice to select from our Four Categories of Safe Deposit Vaults of different sizes.<br>As this scheme is getting popular a lot, we have installed more SDV cabinets to cop up the public demand.

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